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Our mission is to share and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. It is our prayer that this unique brand of Christian gospel programming will encourage, inspire and entertain our listeners. Our prayer is that Life Abundantly Radio will become your new gospel station for Singing, Preaching and Praying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We would love to hear from you about our website. Please feel free to email us with your comments, suggestions or requests.

LAC Radio

Welcome to Life Abundantly Church, a popular station of choice for Conyers area listeners.

Our station is made up of talented individuals who work around the clock in order to bring you

the greatest hits, best news stories, concerts, special events, and more. Tune in to

Life Abundantly Church and start discovering all that we have to offer.

Contact Us

Life Abundantly Radio is dedicated to increasing your spiritual energy, one beat at a time. We look forward to hearing from you regarding comments, prayer requests, song requests, advertising information, and anything else that might be on your mind


In addition to our wonderfully entertaining radio shows and broadcasting of top hits, at Life Abundantly Church we work hard to keep our listeners informed about all the latest news and updates in entertainment as well as the radio world. Tuning in to our station will help you stay informed and so will our updates.

Recording Studio


Want to host a show on Life Abundantly RadioSubmit your information below, and we will be in contact with 48 hours to schedule your first show!

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Business Sponsorship

*Sponsorship is on a month by month basis for your convenience

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